Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tubing and Beeping!

Last night we went to a Fall Festival at Brianna and Austin's school.  Brianna had a great time with her friend, G.  Austin, I think, had a great time, but then again he is WAY to old to be hanging out with his parents.  Courtney, she was just happy to be sitting in the stroller eating suckers- anything to keep her quiet and happy!!

Brianna and G had fun time running from room to room playing games and seeing all their friends.  This is a big deal at the school tons of kids go to this festival.  While doing a sand art project I was helping Brianna put the lid on and saw the girl next to her with tubing hanging out!!  Brianna says, "yeah, that is ... "  Brianna talks about her all the time, she is an older girl that goes to the same school.  I love/hate seeing other people with pumps.  Hate it because I would not wish this on anyone, but love it because it reminds me that yes there are other people that know what Brianna is going through and other parents that know what I feel like.  So for a few minutes they did sand art together and we went on our way.

The festival was almost over and Brianna and G had a few tickets left and wanted to play two more games.  While playing  a game I heard Brianna's pump beep.  Brianna checked it and said, "nope, it wasn't me!"  Okay... maybe my ears are off.   They played the other game in the room.  While they were playing that and I heard the beeping again.  Brianna checked, really mom it is not me!!  Look around, must be loosing my mind!  So we sit down to count the tickets and there it is again...TUBING hanging out of a boy's pocket!  Not even thinking, I ask do you have diabetes?  He looks a little surprised with the question, but says yes.  I ask if it was his pump beeping and he laughs a little and says yes.  I tell him Brianna has the same pump.   I have a really hard time when I see that tubing not saying anything to the person. 

Over all great night.  Brianna loved seeing two kids with diabetes and pumps just like hers.  She even said did you notice the boys pump was clear mom and he just puts it in his pocket?   Brianna loves to know the color and how they where their pump.

And of course once the night was over from all the running around and excitement her pump was beeping low!


  1. Oh, I so know that feeling of hearing beeping in my head!! Glad to know that you were not hearing things. And I agree, bittersweet to see another person with "tubing" or hear them "beeping". Sounds like a fun school festival!

  2. WOOHOO!! Welcome to blogging :) I love seeing other people's tubing! It's so hard for me to mind my own business, and I often end up saying's like a secret society.

    Glad you had a great night!