Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Past

Halloween is a fun holiday.  The kids get to dress up, carve pumpkins, go on hayrides and oh yeah trick or treat and get candy.... lots of it.  As a mom with daughter who has Type 1 Diabetes, I try really hard to make sure that Brianna has a "normal" childhood.  I never want her to miss out on anything because of diabetes.  So will she trick or treat?  Absolutely.

Trick or treat is a holiday that can be a little hard on the BG (blood glucose.)  There is excitement, exercise and candy all in one magical night.  Throw in pizza, that is what we usually have before tricker or treat and the numbers that night can be a disaster.  But you know what last year they were not.  SHOCKED!!

Our first year for tricker or treating since D entered our lives was two years ago.  I really don't remember much about it.  Brianna was still on shots.  I was really into the moment, wanting to make sure Courtney had the best first Halloween!  I know all the kids had a lot of fun, and that is all that really matters.
Brianna 8 weeks after diagnosis - 2009
  My ABC's  Austin, Brianna and Courtney.  2009
Brianna and her BFF, GiGi- riding in style.  Sitting perfect for a quick exit.

Last year's goal was the same as every other year, make sure the kids have a great time but try keep Brianna as close to in range as possible.  Last year we had pizza before we went out.  Really the only thing we did different last year then the previous year was she was on a pump and CGM - so we got to see about what her numbers were.  While trick or treating we usually don't let the kids eat candy,  just for the safety reason so we can check all the candy when we get home.  This also works out really nice, for diabetes so I don't have to think of the carb count while walking.  While we are out we try to check Brianna about every 30 minutes or so unless the pump is beeping low or low predicted.  We do make the exception if she is low she can pick if she wants glucose tab or a piece of candy. 

Austin, Brianna and Courtney about to go out.

Brianna Tinkerbell

Yes she does get A LOT of candy!!

When we get back they dump all their candy.  We let Brianna pick out all the candy she wants to eat- usually 4-5 pieces.  Remember it is Halloween and I don't want her to think that just because of diabetes she can't have candy! Plus her brother is eating it so it is only fair to let her- right?  :)  And we all know that just because she has diabetes does not mean she can't have candy, cake, ice cream or anything.  She eats it all.  We pre-bolus 10-15 minutes more if she is a little high- this give the insulin a head start.  Insulin does not work right when administered it usually takes 10-30 minutes to start to work.  It lasts around 3 hours.  And then she eats away.   For me then the real job starts, I worry will she go low from all the running around, will she go high from the candy?  As you can see from the graph that she did spike a little 199, not an awful number, after eating candy and the rest of the night she was low. 


This was the night after trick or treating  So from 8:30 pm to 8:30 am.  Do you see anything wrong?  Nope it was a PERFECT night
Sunday we are going to BooFest, sponsored by our local JDRF chapter.  I can't wait!  Brianna has several friends with diabetes that will be attending- some of them you might know and read about all the time  :).  I will post and take lots of pictures!

Then Monday is Halloween, with Trick or Treating from 6-8pm.   For this year, I don't see things changing that much.  Pizza before, candy after, and great time to be had by all.  I want her to have memories of all the fun she had on Halloween NOT that she worked so hard to get that candy and we won't let her eat it.  The worst part for us was figuring all the carb count for all that candy.  Because they are the little size they don't have them written on them- really wish they would!!  I did find this so it is a great reference page that will help Click here.  It gives candy with their carb count.

Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween and remember just because they have diabetes doesn't mean they can't participate. And diabetes, we know you will be there, but you can take a backseat because Brianna will be the star of the night not you!

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