Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First few days of school....

After I finished the last post Brianna and I went to school for her open house.  We dropped off all her school supplies and all her diabetes supplies so everything would be ready for her on first day.  While we were there I wanted to make sure the school's network would allow her to text me as that is our plan this year.  Brianna is using an Ipod.  Well.... it didn't work. At all.  She would send a text and it would go 90% but never finish.  Okay, I really wasn't stressed about school starting but that was stressing me out!  It was Tuesday and school was starting on Thursday.  I talked with the assistant principal and he said he would look into it and fix it, or come up with a solution.  So Wednesday we went back to school to see what we could do.  Due to the school's super tight security or whatever, Imessaging would not work.  He was able to find an app that Brianna could download and could text me from.  Everything worked fine that day and I was back to being my optimistic self.

So Thursday morning, the first day of school, before breakfast she was a beautiful 108.  I was a little nervous about her possibly going low, so I didn't pre-bolus her at all. (We typically ALWAYS do.)  I waited until 8:50 made her a waffle with syrup and bolused as she ate.  I dropped her off around 9:15, school starts at 9:25 and hoped for the best.
At 10:15 I received this text...
She texts no words only pictures.  This picture shows me everything I need.  I can see what the sensor is doing, I can see her fingerstick number, and how much IOB. 
Uggg, 246 double arrows up!  But if you look her fingerstick was 224 and she still had 0.65 IOB (insulin on board.)  USUALLY I would have totally corrected that number.  But I let it ride out.  I wanted to see what would happen.  So I waited, if she was going to beep again it would have been in an hour, as that is how we have her CGM set up.  But no text.  Success!!  Now what would the lunch number be??

The nurse called at 12:25 right as she was going outside to recess she was 128.  That's is an iffy number in my mind.  The weather here is beautiful and I wanted to make sure that she could play and not have to worry about going low.  Recess is 30 minutes and remember she hasn't eaten anything since 8:50.  So I decided to play it safe and do one tablet, 4 carbs.  Well, 30 minutes later she came in and was 125.  So, she bolused as she was going to lunch.  Again no pre-bolusing means she will spike a little higher!  I'm trying to figure out setting and redo basal rates but for the first few weeks I just let things play out as I don't want to change too much.  I think she beeped again around 2:15 and was 226 on her CGM and 202 on a fingerstick, but she had like 2.65 iob so I let it ride again.  At 3:50 the nurse calls with her dismissal number and she was 148, slightly high but a GREAT first day!!

Don't really like the mountains at school, but we can work with it.

After three days of school now, texting is really working!  She loves that she is not leaving class.  Since we started this she only has left once, and that's because she left her bag in the nurse's office after lunch.  I really think it is helping her feel a little more independent.  For those that have asked Brianna is 9 years old and in the 4th grade.  This September she will have had Type 1 for 4 years.  I know this way of doing things isn't for everyone.  I have told Brianna several times that if she doesn't want to do it this way, or if it doesn't work out we can always go back to going to the nurse.  She DOES NOT want to do that!  I love that we are able to give her choices that make her feel like she's in control of her care. 

Brianna is going into the 4th grade and Courtney is 4 years old!! 

Kids and I first day of school. 

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  1. you are an awesome DMomma! and Great Job Brianna!

  2. Awesome Job.....My T1 is 11 and does it all herself at school and LOVES not needing to have the teacher all over her like last year! Only 1 year diabetic. Starting pump Oct 23!!!