Thursday, May 3, 2012

Three Months???

Seems like life is just flying by.  It is hard to believe that I have not written something in over 3 months!  I have all these great ideas and things I want to share, the problem is trying to find time to write them!

I am really going to try hard to write more.  I love reading everyone's blog and thinking to myself yup, that is exactly what we go through. 

Anyway, I guess I will start with yesterday.  Brianna went to the Endo for her normal 3 month check up.  She had a great appointment.  She gained almost 3.5 pounds and grew one inch in three months!!  That is AWESOME!!  She is still cruising along in the 50% for both.  I know she isn't going to be super tall, I am only 5'3. Her blood pressure was great and her skin looked wonderful. 

The last few months we have been dealing with more highs then ever before.  (Could be because she is grow, but could just be because.)  Numbers is in the 300's.  I was a little worried about what her A1C would be.  I was guessing something in the 6's.  BUT it was 5.6!!!  Only a slight increase from 5.5 last time.  Endo was really happy, and told me that I am WAY to hard on myself and that her numbers are great.  

I know there was a big debate over whether or not to publish what the A1C is.  But for me I am proud of it.  I don't put it out there to make others feel bad.  I do it in hopes to encourage people.  I also post things because I don't talk to all my family daily and this gives them a chance to know how Brianna is doing.  I would have posted what her number was regardless. 

I was asked what are your secrets. LOL!  Really I don't have any.  But here are a few things that I think really help with keeping her numbers in range, the best I can.

I feel SO SO SO blessed with our insurance company. How many people can say that?   Brianna is able to receive all the supplies she needs.  I never have to worry about any supplies.  There are days if she is having really crazy numbers that I will test 20+ times, YES 20!! On average I test 13-15 times a day.  But I never have to worry about running out of test strips.  Our new insurance is even covering Blood Ketone strips, again a blessing because those suckers are EXPENSIVE!!  (On a later post I am going to  post how much diabetes really cost a month.)

Brianna also wears a CGM.  What is a CGM?  Well it is a continuous glucose monitor.  It gives us a good idea where her numbers are heading.  Not always perfectly calibrated but for the most part, it is close.  We have the settings on her CGM really tight.  I have it alarming probably more then it should but I don't want her to sit in the 200's for hours and not get a correction.  I take full advantage of the CGM.  Brianna wears her CGM 24/7.  I do not give her a break, and really she doesn't like having it off.  She doesn't always feel her lows so this helps.  I do understand that some people don't want a CGM because of the additional poke but if it will keep her safer??  Again I feel so blessed that our insurance covers this.  The cost is ridiculous! I know several friends that would love one but their insurance doesn't think it is medically necessary to that I say REALLY??!?

Another thing that I think keeps her A1C lower is what I run her at night.  This is something that sometimes takes me out of my comfort zone.  At night her range is anything lower then 90 I will treat with carbs (unless CGM shows she is going up.  Again LOVE the CGM) and I correct anything over 130 sometimes 140 (unless CGM shows she is dropping, man I love that thing  :-) )  
I know these numbers are low 90-130 is a really tight range, but think of it this way they sleep 8-10 hours (I would love to sleep that long!!) and if she stays in the 200's all night that is a HUGE part of her day.  When she runs higher she feels really bad in the morning, and all that sleep doesn't really matter.  I know everyone is different I would never suggest you change your settings with out talking with your doctor.  I can do this also because she does have the CGM and MySentry- can you tell how much I love the CGM???

Another person that plays a big part in Brianna's day is our school nurse.  One that is there full time, the clinic aid, and then the RN come every 3 days.  They take great care of Brianna.  I know they always have her be interest at heart.  They call any time she is low or really high, so we can talk about how to treat her.  They are also starting to use the CGM.  She will call and say she is 154, but the CGM is showing her is dropping and there is an arrow down.  So we can treat her early and hopefully keep her in class more.   They are very supportive.  I love that they are willing to take the time and call, vs just giving her 15 carbs- that would send her through the roof!!! 

Another HUGE part of her A1C being great is our Endo.  She is the best!  She is really available to her patients, by phone, or e-mail.   We go a large Children's Hospital.  There are several different doctors and nurse practitioners.  The one we picked is, I think, the best.  She is always there to check carelink and offer her suggestions.  Yes suggestions, she doesn't make me change things.  She really believes I know Brianna best.  She LISTENS and takes what I say into consideration.  I love that she doesn't just call and say do this!  We make constant changes.  We never leave Brianna's settings the same for 3 months, how can you, a lot changes during 3 months!!  We are always tweaking things. 

Lastly I think about why I keep her numbers in range the best I can.  What is running through my mind?  Well, I think about my daughter in 20 years.  I want her to be complication free.  I never want to look at her and think you know what I didn't do EVERYTHING in my power to keep you healthy.  Do I lose sleep?, sure, am I stressed and worried more then most non-d parents absolutely but in the end she is MORE then worth it.

Well, hopefully the next post will come long before August.  I can't wait for summer!  The kids only have 20 more days of school!  Wow!!

Thanks for reading! We love reading your comments.  :-)

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