Thursday, August 23, 2012

And they're gone....

Today is the first day of school for Austin and Brianna.  I will admit I have been looking forward to them going back.  The fighting around here has definitely escalated in the last few weeks.  Some days they play so nice and other, that was the time I was counting down the days until school started.

Austin is in Junior High, 7th grade, this year.  His school starts at 7:30!!  What a change for him.  So today it was up nice and early at 6:00AM.  I hate writing that 6AM?  This is the kid that was sleeping still at 10 in the summer.  So, tonight should be interesting.  LOL.  He asked to wake up earlier tomorrow as he doesn't like to be rushed in the morning- bus comes at 6:55. The nice part of going so early is that he gets out of school at 2pm.  I think he was excited to go back and hang out with his friends again.  He was able to go last week and tour the school and find his locker.  His first 4 classes from his locker are far from his locker, close to his locker, far from his locker and then close to his locker.  He will be getting some exercise this year going up and down all the stairs. All his classes after lunch are really close to his locker.   I don't post much about him here because one he doesn't like it and two he doesn't have diabetes.  Austin is a great kid, and we couldn't be more proud of him!  From straight A's in school last year to advance classes, to the sports he plays, he is just a well rounded kid.  So for this year I hope he makes new friends, keeps friends he has close, does well in school and sports and most of all has FUN!  Oh yeah and learns too.  ;-)
Off he goes!

Brianna got to sleep in a little bit, her school doesn't start until 9:30 so I usually get her up at 8:00.  Today I got her up a little early at 7:30.  I think I'm going to like not rushing around try to get both Austin and Brianna ready.  It was kinda nice no fighting before school.  Things seemed to run much smoother.   Brianna has been SO excited and looking forward to going back to school.  She had her fabulous outfit picked out for weeks!  She is going into 3rd grade this year.  Big changes for her this year as well.  She will have a new school nurse and a male teacher.  We got to meet him a few days ago, she was a little nervous about him but feels much better now.  It was nice seeing all his past students coming down and talking with him.  For me that speaks volumes, I mean would you go and see a teacher you didn't like??  So we packed up the car, quick did a picture with her BFF, and on to school we went. 

Brianna and her BFF hard to believe they are in 3rd grade, I can still imagine them together in preschool.

  I hope for Brianna this year that she makes great friends, keeps the friends she has close, learns, feels comfortable and safe. 

I hope that one day the MySentry would link her up when she was at school.   It would make all my worries vanish.  So until something like that happens I have to trust the school will do what is best for her and she will be proactive for her care.

So until my little ones goes to preschool in a few weeks, it is just her and I.   And Courtney you are our last baby so you can slow down growing just a little....
Where did Austin and Brianna go??

Well, I won't hear anything from Brianna's school until lunch so I hope all is going well with both my kids.

I love reading your comments!  So does Brianna.  Can't wait to tell you all about how their day went!  Until next time...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

School Supplies

Back to school is an emotional time for all parents.  You are either excited they are FINALLY going back or nervous or sad they are going back.  As a parent of a child with Type 1 diabetes nervousness, stress doesn't begin to describe how I feel.  Don't get me wrong I am very excited they are going back, but will also miss them terribly while they are gone. (I could and will write a whole post all about that but today supplies.)

Over the last few weeks we have been buying all Austin's and Brianna's school supplies.  We also purchased everything Brianna needs for school to care for her diabetes.

Here is what most kids Brianna's age will take back to school, you know all the standard supplies.
Standard 3rd grade supplies.

Yesterday we went and brought all her diabetes supplies to the clinic.

This all fits inside a box that sits on the clinic counter- minus the insulin which goes in the fridge.  It is there so she can do what she needs to quickly and get back to class.

This is all the supplies Brianna has at school.  The upper two bags go into the classrooms she is in the most.  The big snack bag and bag of drinks stay in the clinic.  All the other bags go to each classroom Brianna could go in.  The paper is her care plan from Children's.  The box all the way on the right is what sits on the counter.

Here is Brianna will all her supplies bagged up and ready to go.

I went over everything several times to make sure that she will be prepared.  I think she should have more then enough supplies.  Today we get to go and meet the teachers.  So wish us luck!

I am trying hard now that she is going back to school to write more.  I would love for you to follow my blog, the more followers I get the more giveaways and contests I can have.

We met the new school nurse last Friday so
Tomorrow's post meeting the new nurse....

Questions???  Comments???  We love reading them!